*Speakers and times are subject to change

May 20 - Games Business Track

Keynote Conversation with Samsung Ads and Liquid Advertising

From Console to Cloud: the Future of Gaming on Smart Devices The gaming industry is on the verge of transformation. This year promises to deliver the next generation of gaming...
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Chris Gillette
Nick Barrionuevo
Mike Lucero

The View from the Top: The State of the Digital Games Business

Industry leaders discuss the current state of the digital game industry as the business adjusts to the current climate. What does it take to make a successful digital game these...
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Ryan Maloney
Chris Early
Chris Enock
Julie Shumaker
Andreea Enache
Rishi Chadha

Investing and M&A in the Games Ecosystem

This panel of investors discusses the current climate for investment and M&A in the games ecosystem. How have games revenues been impacted since the “stay at home” orders?  How has...
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Shanti Bergel
Jon Goldman
Ned Sherman
Sam Englebardt
Shara Senderoff
Phil Sanderson

Keynote Conversation with Unity

Unity and the Future of Gaming John Riccitiello has seen a lot the last 20 years in gaming.  He is currently CEO of the biggest gaming tech company, Unity.  He...
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Mike Vorhaus
John Riccitiello
May 21 - Hollywood & Game Track

Keynote Presentation with Epic Games

Featuring David Morin, Industry Manager for Media and Entertainment, Epic Games Using game technology to produce Hollywood content: In-Camera Visual Effects, Real-Time Workflows and The Mandalorian  This session will cover advancements...
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David Morin

Creating Blockbusters: The Role of Games & Interactivity in Developing Entertainment Franchises

Major movie studios, television networks and gaming studios have increasingly embraced the notion of storytelling across mediums with a focus on building long-lasting entertainment franchises that engage audiences through the...
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Lydia Bottegoni
Chris Heatherly
Jeremy Padawer
Morgan Kruger
Daniel Engelhardt
Jeff Gomez

The Power of Influence: Developing Effective Strategies for Creators, Streamers & Influencers

This panel of platform executives, creators, streamers, influencers and their representatives will discuss the strategies and campaigns taking shape during the current climate on different platforms. What are the most...
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Amelia Hall
David Bloom
Lester Chen
Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson
Jonathan Flesher
Peter Letz

Featured Interview with Xsolla

Featuring Chris Hewish, President, Xsolla interviewed by David Bloom, Senior Contributor, Forbes. The New Normal: A Curtain Call for Content Middlemen? The global pandemic and physical distancing have disrupted distribution...
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Chris Hewish
David Bloom
May 22 - Esports & Mobile Track

Featured Presentation with App Annie

Mobile Gaming’s Rapid Rise to Become the World’s Most Popular Form of Gaming Mobile gaming is growing at a remarkable pace — set to reach 60% market share in gaming...
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Amir Ghodrati

Featured Presentation with FTI Consulting

Big Ideas to Capture Value in eSports eSports have displayed tremendous growth, and despite some event cancellations due to COVID-19, the sector has been a net beneficiary of the crisis....
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Francesco Di Ianni

The Next Wave for Esports: Rethinking the Business & Plans for the Future

With the uncertainty of when it will be safe again for large in-person gatherings, the esports industry is having to rethink the business. What are the near-term plans and how...
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Carlos Alimurung
Olivia Friedlander
Mike Vorhaus
Dave Madden
John Robinson
Ann Hand
Scott Rupp

The Growth of Mobile Games: What’s Next in Creativity & Innovation?

Every sign is that the mobile games market has continued to grow during the pandemic. Nearly every metric is up — in-app purchases, engagement, conversion rates and ad demand –...
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Lisa Anderson
Soojeong Song
Chris Petrovic
Andrew Paradise
Mark van Ryswyk