XR at LA Games Conference 2019

*Speakers and times are subject to change

Day 1
07 May 2019

It’s in the Game: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead for VR/AR Gaming Studios

This panel of leading game and entertainment executives and investors will discuss the future of AR/VR/MR for the game and entertainment industries. What investments are being made by VCs? What are brands, movie studios and media companies doing in AR/VR/MR? What’s happening with mixed reality location based experiences? What does the future hold?

Virtual Hollywood: What Are the Major Studios Doing to Embrace XR?

Franchises that have surged beyond the theater to generate billions of dollars in revenue from video games to action figures. Now, with the help of AR and VR, studios have reversed this dynamic by bringing the consumer into the worlds of keystone franchises. From in-store activations to social-driven campaigns, the limits of immersive technologies are still being defined. What roles will AR and VR will play in brand engagement and storytelling moving forward?

Cinematic XR: New Avenues for Storytelling

Moviegoers can now view high quality VR content from a comfortable theater seat. How are AR/VR/Mixed Reality enhancing the movie theater experience? How are stories being told differently with these new tools?

The Next Wave of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality opens new horizons for exciting strategies in gaming. How is AR shaping mobile gaming going forward? What are consumers excited about?

AI: How Computer Vision & Intelligent Voice Interaction is Innovating Storytelling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going beyond telling you the weather and turning on your lights – it’s now helping you navigate media and entertainment experiences. What is possible when media and entertainment companies begin to tap the power of voice-activated devices? How are consumers reacting to the new technologies, including Amazon Echo, Google Home and voice-based set-top boxes, consoles and smartphones? What does the future hold for this exciting area of innovation?