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May 10, 2023

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Please join us for our opening session as David Alpert, CEO of Skybound Entertainment ushers in the first ever 2023 LA Games Conference VIP Edition.
David Alpert

Research Presentations

Investment & M&A Activity in the Interactive Media and Technologies Market Presenters: Vivienne Zhao, Director, Interactive Media & Technologies, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC Key Takeaways From the Latest Industry Wide Transition and How It Will Alter Business Models Across Multiple Industries In 2019 (pre-covid), theatrical and home entertainment revenue surpassed $100 billion for the first time. Worldwide box office receipts accounted for $42.5 billion, a new industry high, while digital home and mobile entertainment brought in $58.8 billion globally, up 14% y/y. By comparison, the games industry generated about $150 billion in 2019. But after a surge amid Covid, the industry has hit an air pocket of uncertainty. Yung will discuss the entry of non-endemic firms cross pollinating with video game IP, the significance of user generated content, the impact of consolidation and other trends that are forcing decision makers in interactive entertainment as well as music, film, television...
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Vivienne Zhao
Yung Kim

The State of the Game Industry

The global games market was projected to generate $184 billion in 2022, representing a 4% decrease from the previous year representing the first decline in 15 years, with game revenue coming from a mix of subscription services, downloadable content (DLC) and add-ons, as well as in-app or in-game purchase options for virtual items or game-enhancing experiences. This panel of industry leaders will discuss expectations for the industry in 2023 and the trends that are most likely to drive future growth. What does it take to make a successful game for console, mobile, tablets and PC in today’s environment? What genres – adventure/role playing games, puzzles, social games, strategy, simulation and others – are driving growth? How are consumer habits shaping the opportunities for market incumbents and new entrants alike? Panelists: Dan Murray, Managing Partner, Skybound Peer Schneider, Chief Content Officer, IGN Entertainment Jules Shumaker, SVP of Revenue, Create, Unity David...
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Kaare Eriksen
Peer Schneider
Dan Murray
Julie Shumaker
David Stelzer

Dealmaking and M&A in the Games Market

As market volatility and the cost of capital have increased, there has been a decline in deal activity and public and private market valuations, but there are also interesting new opportunities arising. This panel of investors and dealmakers will discuss the current environment for dealmaking in the games market and consider the opportunities presented. What are the new opportunities for the long-term oriented strategies focused on innovation in the sector?  What types of deals are being done? Panelists: Clinton Foy, General Partner & Managing Director, Venture Capital, UTA.VC Holly Liu, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, PKO Investments Mohit Pareek, CFA, Principal, Drake Star Scott Rupp, Founding General Partner, BITKRAFT Ventures Moderator: Rich McDerby, Partner, Manatt, Phelps, Phillips, LLP
Mohit Pareek, CFA
Clinton Foy
Richard McDerby
Holly Liu
Scott Rupp

IP and Roblox: How Developers and Brands Can Bring and Build Unforgettable IP in Immersive Worlds

As Gen Z and Alpha continue to move away from traditional media in favor of interactive experiences, the path to launching the next blockbuster franchise no longer runs solely through Hollywood. On Roblox, an immersive platform for communication and connection, next-gen studios and developers are redefining go-to-market strategies and leveraging the platform’s 66M+ daily active users to bring their IP to the masses. In pursuit of expanding revenue streams, engaging with new audiences, and maintaining the look and feel of beloved IP, there are a number of creators at the cutting edge. In this panel, you’ll hear from top studios and developers who are using Roblox to reach new audiences, build additional revenue streams, and expand the reach of beloved IP, brought together for the first time for this insightful conversation by Roblox’s Head of Entertainment Partnerships Todd Lichten. Panelists: Maureen Fan, CEO & Co-Founder, Baobab Studios Nic Hill, Co-Founder, Head...
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Maureen Fan
Nic Hill
Scott Humphries
Clarence Maximillian
Todd Lichten

Inclusive Design for Games & Animation: Embedding Inclusive Storytelling and Playing Experience in Content and Development

“Games are a rich, expansive medium that allow players to explore the possibilities of other realms and realities. Diversity in these stories, mechanics, and environments allows games to appeal to a wide set of this potential player-base while allowing players to become enriched, inspired, and empowered by these games and the stories within them.” – IGDA 2022 Report Inclusive design and development for games and other modes of storytelling such as animation “not only empowers players who are often underrepresented, but also creates an impassioned fanbase, distinguishes the game and its design from competitors, and improves both user experience and public perception” (IGDA), offering a huge benefit to companies involved in franchise development to reach fans and audiences. This panel will discuss the importance and tactics on how to best equip game and animation developers with the knowledge and resources to make games and animation that are more accessible to...
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Francisca Phillips
Cristina Amaya
Stephan Bugaj
Marge Dean
Alyssa Mendoza

Meetup Discussion Groups

Legal Issues for Games Businesses Presenters: Sam Lam, Senior Counsel, Games, Skybound Brandon Reilly, Partner, Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLP Ned Sherman, Chief Business Affairs & Legal Officer, Skybound Sophia Yen, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Brandon Reilly
Sophia Yen
Sam Lam
Ned Sherman

Founder Stories: Building Brands and Businesses in Interactive Entertainment

This panel of repeat founders with senior executive roles and multiple exits among them will discuss the path to building a successful brand and business in interactive entertainment. What are the common threads in brand-building? What are the success criteria for new brands entering the market? What are the considerations around financing, teambuilding and company culture? Panelists: Andy Kleinman, Entrepreneur & Investor, Formerly Scopely Damon Lau, Head of Gaming & Esports, United Talent Agency Nanea Reeves, Co-Founder & CEO, TRIPP, Inc. Andrew Stalbow, Founder, Destination Football Moderator: Ned Sherman, Chief Business Affairs & Legal Officer, Skybound
Damon Lau
Nanea Reeves
Andy Kleinman
Ned Sherman
Andrew Stalbow

AR and VR Games Excellence

Bringing together the ‘VR & AR Believers’ to make a believer out of YOU! We’ll look at how the real commitment to supporting high quality games in VR and AR leads to wider platform adoption and increased game sales. We’re at an exciting time witnessing the transition of VR & AR to established gaming ecosystems. The desire is to explore how the Believers do it differently, identify how we can all do it better and forecast what’s to come in this dynamic new market. Panelists: Shawne Benson, Head of Third Party Portfolio & Acquisitions, Sony Interactive Entertainment Aaron Davies, Head of Content Strategy, Oculus Publishing Jenna Seiden, VP, Business Development, Niantic Labs Moderator: Kara Bilkiss, VP, Business Development, Skydance Interactive
Jenna Seiden
Aaron Davies
Shawne Benson
Kara Bilkiss