The State of the Game Industry

The State of the Game Industry

The global games market was projected to generate $184 billion in 2022, representing a 4% decrease from the previous year representing the first decline in 15 years, with game revenue coming from a mix of subscription services, downloadable content (DLC) and add-ons, as well as in-app or in-game purchase options for virtual items or game-enhancing experiences. This panel of industry leaders will discuss expectations for the industry in 2023 and the trends that are most likely to drive future growth. What does it take to make a successful game for console, mobile, tablets and PC in today’s environment? What genres – adventure/role playing games, puzzles, social games, strategy, simulation and others – are driving growth? How are consumer habits shaping the opportunities for market incumbents and new entrants alike?


Dan Murray, Managing Partner, Skybound

Peer Schneider, Chief Content Officer, IGN Entertainment

Jules Shumaker, SVP of Revenue, Create, Unity

David Stelzer, Director, UE Business, Games, Unreal Engine, Epic Games


Kaare Eriksen, Media Analyst, Variety Intelligence Platform