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Event Updates: Thank you for participating in the 2014 LA Games. Check back soon for our 2015 updates!

4/30/14: LA's Chief Innovation Technology Officer Peter Marx
joins LA Games! Last day for online tickets: http://lagames14.eventbrite.com.

4/25/14: Kellee Santiago,
Head of Developer Relations at OUYA and Co-Founder of thatgamecompany joins the To Live and Indie in LA: Indie Game Development in the Southland panel!
4/22/14: Jon Walsh, CEO of Fuse Powered confirms for the Succeeding in the Smartphone Market panel! Mikko Setala, EVP of Rovio Entertainment joins the View from the Top panel.

4/21/14: Facebook's Global Head of Gaming Strategy, Steve Carlin joins LA Games! Online rates end Saturday, April 26! Register http://lagames14.eventbrite.com before prices increase.

4/16/14: Jean Mathews,
Founder of iMAGINATE, Alex Ahad, Creative Director of Lab Zero and Chris Mahoney, SVP, Strategy and Marketing of Lockwood Publishing confirmed for LA Games!

4/4/14: Matthew Patrick
, Producer, Game Theory / Senior YouTube Channel Manager, Defy Media and Steve Fowler, Head of Global Marketing, ArenaNet join speaker line-up.

3/28/14: Pre-registration rate ends this MONDAY, MARCH 31!
Be sure to purchase your ticket today for the best rate here: http://lagames14.eventbrite.com. PlayStation/Sony Computer Entertainment America, Boxcat, Yacht Club Games, Kabam and A Squared Group just added to LAGC's line up!

3/27/14: Nexon's CEO & President, Owen Mahoney
, confirms as afternoon Keynote Conversation. Ubisoft's VP of Digital Publishing, Chris Early and GSN's SVP, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Jeff Anderson also join LAGC panels.

3/25/14: Facebook North America Casino's Owen O'Donoghue, joins LAGC as afternoon Keynote Conversation and thatgamecompany's Co-Founder & Creative Director Jenova Chen and GAMEVIL USA's President Kyu Lee confirmed.

3/14/14: Leading investors from CrossCut Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Signia Ventures, Siemer Ventures and York Ventures join LA Games Investor Q&A Roundtable and Lunch. Meet with leading investors, who have funded game companies including Playdom (acquired by Disney), Wild Needle (acquired by Zynga), Next Games, and many more, to find out what it takes to get funded and how companies are positioning for successful exits in the current environment. Bring your questions! 

3/13/14: CBS Interactive Games, RED Interactive Agency, Variety, Buffalo Studios, USC Game Innovation Lab, Immersion Corporation,
YummyYummyTummy, Highland Capital Partners,  ZQGame, and York Ventures to speak at this year's LA Games Conference!

New speakers confirmed from Riot Games, Reloaded Games, Perfect World, Crosscut Ventures, Siemer & Associates, Zoic Studios, Glu Mobile, MediaBrix, Aristotle International and more.

3/3/14: Nexon America, Fullscreen, DoctorWho: Legacy, Akamon Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Interpret and Wedbush Securities join LA Games Conference.

New keynote conversation announced with Kristian Segerstale and Mike Vorhaus! New speakers confirmed from Electronic Arts, Tapjoy, Activision, Scopely!

11/20/13: Agenda and Venue Announced for 2014 LA Games Conference - Speaker and Sponsorship Submissions Now Open! For more information, including speaker, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, contact Tinzar Sherman at tinzar@digitalmediawire.com.

Keynote Speakers:

Kristian Segerstrale
Partner, Initial Capital, Investor/Board, Supercell / Co-Founder, Playfish (now EA) & GluMobile
Owen Mahoney
Owen O’Donoghue
North America Casino

2014 Speakers:

Steve Wadsworth
 President, CEO & Member – Board of Directors
Susan Cummings
Executive Producer
Doctor Who: Legacy
Mikko Setala
Executive Vice President
Rovio Entertainment
Jonathan Anastas
VP, Global Brand Marketing, Head of Digital & Social Media
Jenova Chen
Founder & Creative Director
Walter Driver
Co-Founder and CEO
Peter Marx
Chief Innovation Technology Officer
City of Los Angeles
Chris Early
VP, Digital Publishing
Steve Carlin
Global Head of Gaming Strategy
Kyu Lee
Kellee Santiago
Co-Founder, thatgamecompany
Head of Developer Relations, OUYA
John Koller
VP, Marketing - Home Consoles and Handheld Platforms
PlayStation (SCEA) 
Matt Cohen
Director of Business Development
Nick Fidler
US Sales Director, Mobile Games
Michael Powers
Vice President and General Manager
CBS Interactive Games
Chris Petrovic
Head of Corporate Development
Jeff Anderson
SVP, Strategic Planning & Business Development
GSN Games 
Anthony Jacobson
Head of Business Development
Jean Mathews
Consultant, Strategy & Business Development
Jon Radoff
Disruptor Beam
 Christina Lee
Associate Director
Nexon America
Steve Fowler
Head of Global Marketing
Ari Brandt
CEO and Co-Founder
Jason Enriquez
Director, Business Development & Global Communications
Glu Mobile
Michael Zhang
President (Overseas) and CEO (U.S. Branch)
  Erin Reynolds
Creative Director & Creator, Nevermind / Founder, Flying Mollusks
Bryan Buskas
SVP, Performance Advertising
Rizwan Virk
Midverse Studios
Rodrigo Velloso
Director of Gaming
    Ben Chen
SVP, Global Developer Relations & Business Development
Amy Cotteleer Founder & Chief Creative Officer
A Squared Group
Jon Walsh
Fuse Powered
Brian Lovell
RED Interactive Agency
Oscar Fonrodona
Chief Marketing Officer
Akamon Entertainment
  Andy Kleinman
Chief Business Officer
Matthew Patrick
Producer, Game Theory Senior YouTube Channel Manager, Defy Media
Michael Ritter
SVP, Business & Corporate Development
Chris Mahoney
SVP, Strategy & Marketing
Lockwood Publishing
Tracy Fullerton
Associate Professor, USC School of Cinematics Arts/
Director, USC Game Innovation Lab
Dmitri Williams
Ninja Metrics
   Clinton Foy
Venture Partner
CrossCut Ventures
Adam Gutterman
Director of Game Design and Monetization
 Bob Heubel
Developer Evangelist, Haptics
Immersion Corporation
 Michael Bolcerek
VP of Business Development, Integrity
Aristotle International
Mariel Cartwright
Lead Animator
Lab Zero Games
Brandon Quartararo
Vice President
Digital Capital Advisors
 David Siemer
Managing Partner
Siemer Ventures
Ian Dallas
Creative Director
The Unfinished Swan 
Rick Sanchez
VP, Product and Marketing
   Paulus Bannink
Creative Technical Director
Zoic Studios
Phil Ranta
VP, Talent Operations
James Liu
Founder, CEO, Writer, Developer
BoxCat Games
Nate Nanzer
Vice President
Frank N. Magid Associates 
Michael Cai
VP, Video Games
Interpret LLC  
Spencer Yip
Co-Founder and Director
 Bjorn Book-Larsson
Reloaded Games 
 Peter Levin
Managing General Partner
York Ventures
 Chris Donahue
Elevate Partners
Liam Callahan
Director, Games Industry Analyst
Avi Gandhi
Digital Agent
William Morris Endeavor
Miguel Oliveira
Team Lead
Alan Avidan
Bees and Pollen
Dan Chen
Managing Director
Siemer & Associates
 Manish Patel
Highland Capital Partners
Jamison Selby vorhaus
 Ned Sherman
CEO & Publisher
Digital Media Wire
Jamison Selby
VP, Games, bspot / Board Member, IGDA Los Angeles 
Mike Vorhaus
Magid Advisors
Brendon Chung
Blendo Games
Sunny Dhillon
Senior Associate
Signia Venture
Michael Marchetti
Former CEO
Buffalo Studios / Founder & CEO, Hello Studios
Marc Graser
Senior Editor

More TBA!

May 1, 2014


Welcome to the Conference

Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire

View from the Top: The State of the Game Industry

Industry leaders discuss the current state of the game industry as the business continues its transition towards a digital future. What does it take to make a successful game these days across platforms? What emerging gaming platforms will be the most important in the years to come? How do you make money in this more and more complicated gaming universe with new digital platforms competing for the time and pocketbooks of consumers?

Walter Driver, Co-Founder and CEO, Scopely
Mikko Setala, Executive Vice President, Rovio Entertainment
Steve Wadsworth, President, CEO and Board Member, Tapjoy
Chris Early, VP, Digital Publishing, Ubisoft
Liam Callahan, Director, Games Industry Analyst, NPD

"What's The Next Big Thing in Gaming?"

Keynote Conversation with Kristian Segerstrale and Mike Vorhaus

Kristian Segerstrale
, Co-Founder, Initial Capital, Investor/Former Board Member, Supercell, Co-Founder, Playfish (acquired by EA), GluMobile (NASDAQ)
Mike Vorhaus
, President, Magid Advisors
Networking Break


Monetizing Games through Free to Play

This panel will discuss free to play and freemium models for games. What works? What doesn’t? What’s the right mix in deploying free to play?

Adam Gutterman, Director of Game Design and Monetization, Unity
Ari Brandt, CEO & Co-Founder, MediaBrix
Bjorn Book-Larsson, CEO, Reloaded Games
Christina Lee, Associate Director, Nexon America
: Brian Lovell, CEO, RED Interactive Agency
The Rise of Tablet Gaming: What does the Future Hold?
This panel will discuss the future of gaming on tablet platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 7. The focus will be on the unique considerations (including development, marketing, and user behavior) for tablet games and the future of the platform. What are the considerations and strategies in plotting a successful game for the tablet market?

Michael Zhang, CEO, ZQGame
Kristian Segerstrale, Co-Founder, Initial Capital, Former Board Member, Supercell, Co-Founder, Playfish (acquired by EA), GluMobile (NASDAQ)
Chris Petrovic, Head of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships, Kabam
Steve Carlin,
Global Head of Gaming Strategy, Facebook
Moderator: Michael Cai, Senior Vice President of Games and Digital, Interpret


The Evolution of Digital Pricing Models Across Consoles, PC and Mobile/Tablets
This panel of experts from console, PC and mobile/tablet gaming will discuss the evolving digital pricing models, including revenue shares and the current and future landscape across the various platforms (Consoles, PC, Mobile/Tablet, etc.)-– from feemium to freemium to premium and everything in between. The panel will focus on the specifics of how the industry is changing due to emerging platforms and how people are monetizing on them.

Jason Enriquez, Director, Business Development & Global Communications, Glu Mobile
Chris Donahue, Co-Founder, Elevate Partners
Chris Mahoney, SVP, Strategy & Marketing, Lockwood Publishing
Rick Sanchez, VP, Product and Marketing, OnLive
Nate Nanzer, Vice President, Frank N. Magid Associates

Succeeding in the Smartphone Market: Making Successful Games for iOS and Android
This panel will discuss how to make a successful game for iOS and Android and the metrics that really matter when judging product success.

Kyu Lee, President, GAMEVIL USA
Jon Walsh, CEO, Fuse Powered
Michael Ritter, SVP, Business & Corporate Development, SGN
Andy Kleinman, Chief Business Officer, Scopely
Bob Heubel, Developer Evangelist, Immersion Corporation
Clinton Foy, Venture Partner,
CrossCut Ventures

Investors' Roundtable Luncheon
Join Leading Game and Tech Investors for Q&A Roundtable and Lunch. Find out what it takes to get funded and how companies are positioning for successful exits in the current environment. Bring your questions!

Participating Investors:
Clinton Foy, Venture Partner, CrossCut Ventures
David Siemer, Managing Partner, Siemer Ventures
Sunny Dhillon, Early Stage Investor, Signia Venture Partners
Manish Patel, Partner, Highland Capital Partners
Peter Levin, Managing General Partner, York Ventures
Chris Petrovic, Head of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships, Kabam
Brandon Quartararo, Vice President, Digital Capital Advisors

This top group of investors has invested in gaming, mobile and tech companies including Playdom (acquired by Disney), Next Games, Midverse Studios, Iddiction, Artillery, Trooval, Playground.fm, Grow Mobile, Wild Needle (acquired by Zynga), Grand Cru, Tykoon, Funzio, Pepperdata, Red Robot Labs, Project Slice, Triangulate, Adify, Alibaba, Idle Games, Xyologic, AiryLabs, U4IA Games, Super Evil Megacorp., Top Prospect, Flycast Communications, Matter Network, Kihon, PlayChemy, Fun Lab, CEI Digital, Aviate (acquired by Yahoo), Disconnect, Fleksy, Leap Motion, Game Closure, Leap Motio, SmartThings, GumGum, Science, Pulp Media and many more.

Game Marketing Leadership Roundtable
This panel of leading game marketing executives will discuss the mix and techniques being used to market games today and how they see this changing in the years to come.

Bryan Buskas, SVP, Performance Advertising, AdColony
Jonathan Anastas, VP, Global Mktg, Digital/Social Media Head, Activision
John Koller, VP, Marketing - Home Consoles & Handheld Platforms, PlayStation (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Steve Fowler, Head of Global Marketing, ArenaNet
Moderator: Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors

"Growing your game through Facebook"

Keynote Conversation with Owen O'Donoghue, North America Casino Team at Facebook and Alan Avidan

Owen O'Donoghue, North America Casino Team, Facebook and Alan Avidan, CEO, Bees and Pollen


"The Future of Gaming in a F2P and Cross Platform World"

Keynote Conversation with Owen Mahoney, CEO & President, Nexon and Mike Vorhaus

Owen Mahoney, CEO & President, Nexon and Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors  



Hollywood & Games: Opportunities at the Intersection of Content and Technology
This panel brings together a mix of companies and executives from the movie, television and games industries to share ideas about relationship between games and Hollywood and how to create new business opportunities at the intersection of these two exciting media industries.

Susan Cummings, Executive Producer, Doctor Who: Legacy
Jon Radoff, Founder & CEO, Disruptor Beam
Paulus Bannink, Creative Technical Director, Zoic Studios
Jean Mathews, Consultant, Strategy & Business Development, iMAGINATE
Avi Gandhi, Digital Agent, William Morris Endeavor
Moderator: Marc Graser, Senior Editor, Variety

Social Casino Games: Know Your Users; How Predictive Data is Changing the Game
This panel will discuss social casino games and the role predictive data analysis is playing in the increasingly crowded space. What role will data play and how will future leaders stand out? What do social casino and traditional casino game developers need to learn from each other to successfully compete? What effect will the legalization of real money online gambling have on social casino games?

Oscar Fonrodona, Chief Marketing Officer, Akamon Entertainment
Owen O'Donoghue, North America Casino, Facebook
Jeff Anderson, SVP, Strategic Planning & Business Development, GSN Games
Michael Bolcerek, SVP of Business Development, Integrity, Aristotle International
Michael Marchetti, Former CEO, Buffalo Studios (acquired by Caesars Interactive) and Founder and CEO, Hello Studios
Alan Avidan: CEO, Bees and Pollen



Playing It Smart: From Classroom to Consoles with Game Design Graduates

Hosted by:

USC is home to the #1 Game Design Program in North America, and counts among its graduates innovative developers who are breaking ground in all areas of the industry, from mobile to VR, and experimental to educational games. Meet some of the young designers and entrepreneurs who are at the heart of projects such as Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Nevermind and Thralled.

Jenova Chen, Founder & Creative Director, thatgamecompany
Ian Dallas, Creative Director, The Unfinished Swan
Erin Reynolds, Creative Director & Creator, Nevermind / Founder, Flying Mollusk
Miguel Oliveira, Team Lead, Thralled
Tracy Fullerton, Electronic Arts Endowed Chair of Interactive Entertainment and Associate Professor USC School of Cinematic Arts, Director, USC Game Innovation Lab

Video and Game-related Content
This panel will discuss the growth of game-related content on video platforms. What are the opportunities to connect with the gamer generation through video content?

Michael Powers, VP & GM, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, Ongamers, CBS Interactive
Matt Cohen, Director of Business Development, Machinima
Rodrigo Velloso, Director of Gaming, YouTube
Amy Cotteleer, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, A Squared Group
Matthew Patrick, Producer, Game Theory
/ Senior YouTube Channel Manager, Defy Media
Moderator: Phil Ranta, VP, Talent Operations, Fullscreen

Introductory Remarks by Peter Marx, Chief Innovation Technology Officer

Peter Marx, Chief Innovation Technology Officer, City of Los Angeles

To Live and Indie in LA:
Indie Game Development in the Southland.

Hosted by:

The Indie Game scene has exploded around the world. Independent developers far and wide are hard at work redefining the meaning of the word “game” itself. Platforms from iPhone to Steam and Android to Ouya offer developers new risks and rewards. So how is the indie game scene evolving in Los Angeles? What are the unique challenges and opportunities taking the indie road in SoCal? Join a panel of LA’s own to tackle those questions and more.

Peter Marx, Chief Innovation Technology Officer, City of Los Angeles
Kellee Santiago, Head of Developer Relations, OUYA / Co-Founder, thatgamecompany
Spencer Yip, Director & Founder, YummyYummyTummy
James Liu, Founder, CEO, Writer, Developer, BoxCat Games
Brendon Chung, Founder, Blendo Games
Mariel Cartwright, Lead Animator, Lab Zero
Moderator: Jamison Selby, VP, Games bspot and Board Member, IGDA Los Angeles


The Battle to Be Discovered and Acquire Users in Mobile Games

With so much competition in mobile games today, the App Store, Google Play and other mobile game marketplaces have become vicious battlegrounds where the winners reap huge monetary rewards and the losers often perish. With costs rising to acquire users that monetize and provide a solid LTV, it is crucial to have a winning strategy and partnerships for discovery and UA. This panel will discuss the marketing technologies, platforms, analytics, social outlets and traffic sources needed to succeed in the competitive mobile games landscape today.

Rizwan Virk, Co-Founder, Midverse Studios
Ben Chen, SVP, Global Developer Relations & Business Development, SponsorPay
Nicholas Fidler, Managing Director, Mobile Games, Fiksu
Dmitri Williams, CEO, Ninja Metrics
Anthony Jacobson, Head of Business Development, Skillz Inc
Moderator: Dan Chen, Managing Director, Siemer & Associates

Poolside Reception at the Tropicana Pool

Hosted by:



Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
LOS ANGELES, CA 90028 RESERVATIONS : 800.950.7667

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