Francisca Phillips

Damon Lau

Damon Lau leads UTA’s Gaming & Esports department, which represents 140+ esports professionals, content creators, streamers and game developers with a collective fanbase of 420...
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Nanea Reeves

Nanea Reeves founded TRIPP, an award-winning global XR Wellness company, following a period of tremendous personal loss that led her to rethink her life’s purpose....
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Jenna Seiden

Jenna Seiden currently serves as Vice President of Business Development at Niantic Labs where she leads efforts across Publishing, Mapping, AR Platforms, Telco, and Headsets....
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Shawne Benson

In her role as Global Head of Third Party Portfolio & Acquisitions, Shawne Benson drives global partnership and content strategy for PlayStation’s diverse and ever-expanding...
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Andy Kleinman

Andy Kleinman is an Argentinean-born American entrepreneur and businessman with over 20 years of experience working on innovation at the intersection of technology and entertainment....
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