Featured Interview with Xsolla

Featured Interview with Xsolla

Featuring Chris Hewish, President, Xsolla interviewed by David Bloom, Senior Contributor, Forbes.

The New Normal: A Curtain Call for Content Middlemen? The global pandemic and physical distancing have disrupted distribution chains for all industries, including media. What does this mean as we settle into a new normal, where physical distancing directly impacts the brick and mortar middlemen who traditionally connected consumers with content? Most of these middlemen were already operating on declining margins and relied on entertainment content as a loss leader for upselling more profitable goods. Now that nature has forced consumers to fully adopt digital consumption, will they ever return in enough volume to sustain a business model that was arguably already in its final act? What about content creators? The move to digital distribution requires an entirely new approach for success, including building and maintaining a stronger sense of community. The video game industry provides many cautionary tales of companies that didn’t fully appreciate what it took to successfully move from analog to digital distribution, opening the door for content creators to sell directly without the need for publishers. Will we see the same play out with linear media, or will a traditionally analog industry finally make the shift to the new digital norm?

The Power of Influence: Developing Effective Strategies for Creators, Streamers & Influencers

This panel of platform executives, creators, streamers, influencers and their representatives will discuss the strategies and campaigns taking shape during the current climate on different platforms. What are the most effective strategies today for working with influencers and what are the metrics that determine success? How are creators and influencers adapting their content and strategies to the new stay-at-home landscape? With live streaming becoming such an important part of people’s lives as a business and social tool, how is that likely to change the role that live streaming plays in the entertainment landscape going forward?

Peter Letz, Agent, Digital Media – Gaming, CAA
Lester Chen, Head of Gaming Content Partnerships Americas, YouTube
Jonathan Flesher, Head of Business Development, Discord
Amelia Hall, Strategy Director, Deutsch
Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson, CEO, ML Entertainment
Moderator: David Bloom, Senior Contributor, Forbes

Creating Blockbusters: The Role of Games & Interactivity in Developing Entertainment Franchises

Major movie studios, television networks and gaming studios have increasingly embraced the notion of storytelling across mediums with a focus on building long-lasting entertainment franchises that engage audiences through the artful and well-planned use of multiple-media platforms. The panel will discuss the important role that games and interactive entertainment are serving as a means of connecting people during the current quarantine period and how that dynamic is likely to change the role that game play and interactivity will play in the future development of entertainment franchises.

Lydia Bottegoni, EVP, Story & Franchise Development, Blizzard Entertainment
Daniel Engelhardt, SVP, Interactive Ventures & Games, Lionsgate
Jeff Gomez, CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment
Morgan Kruger, COO, MWM Universe (a division of Madison Wells Media)
Jeremy Padawer, Partner, Jazwares
Moderator: Chris Heatherly, former EVP of Games & Digital Platforms, NBCUniversal

Keynote Presentation with Epic Games

Featuring David Morin, Industry Manager for Media and Entertainment, Epic Games

Using game technology to produce Hollywood content: In-Camera Visual Effects, Real-Time Workflows and The Mandalorian 

This session will cover advancements in “in-camera visual effects” and how this technique is changing the film and TV industry. With software developments in real-time game engines, combined with hardware developments in GPUs and on-set video equipment, filmmakers can now capture final pixel visual effects while still on set – enabling new levels of creative collaboration and efficiency during principal photography. The new developments allow changes to digital scenes, even those at final pixel quality, to be seen instantly on high-resolution LED walls – an exponential degree of time savings over a traditional CG rendering workflow. The presentation will include a case study of The Mandalorian.