MONETIZATION TRACK – The Future of Game Monetization

MONETIZATION TRACK – The Future of Game Monetization

This panel will discuss the mix of monetization methods today and in the future. Will the current focus on in-app purchases and free to play games give way to a bigger role for ad monetization? What will the monetization mix look like in the future?

Steve Carlin, Game Executive, Formerly at Ubisoft
Rob Dyer, SVP Global Developer Relations, Tapjoy
Jon Walsh, CEO, Fuse Powered
Lina Chen, CEO & Co-Founder, Nix Hydra
Moderator: Liam Callahan, Director, Games Industry Analyst,  The NPD Group, Inc.

MONETIZATION TRACK – Mobile Games: Strategies for Cost-Efficient User Acquisition

This panel will focus on cost-efficient strategies for user acquisition in mobile games by discussing paid user acquisition and how to acquire valuable players in the most cost-effective manner by leveraging video as well as interstitial ads. This panel will discuss the marketing technologies, platforms, analytics, social outlets and traffic sources needed to succeed in the competitive mobile games landscape today.

Eugene Youn, CRO, Ninja Metrics
Paul Cutsinger, Chief Evangelist, Amazon Appstore, Amazon
Blair Ethington, SVP of Marketing & Brands, Crowdstar
Jamison Selby, VP of Games, b spot
Moderator: Gordon Bellamy, Visiting Scholar, USC

MONETIZATION TRACK – The Evolution of Free-to-Play

This panel will discuss the future of free-to-play business models for games.

Alejandro Manchado, U.S. Games Partnerships Lead, Google
Bjorn Book-Larsson, CEO, Reloaded Games
Christina Lee, Associate Director, Nexon America
John Hwang, VP of Product, ZQGame
Susan Cummings, Executive Producer & Founder, Tiny Rebel Games
Moderator: John Welch, President & CEO, Making Fun