XR Featured Presentation

Licensing & Games

Join us as our panel of interactive licensing veterans present a quick state of the market overview, share war stories and answer your questions regarding licensing in entertainment content for video game development and licensing out video game franchises for consumer products.

Virtual Hollywood: What Are the Major Studios Doing to Embrace XR?

Franchises that have surged beyond the theater to generate billions of dollars in revenue from video games to action figures. Now, with the help of AR and VR, studios have reversed this dynamic by bringing the consumer into the worlds of keystone franchises. From in-store activations to social-driven campaigns, the limits of immersive technologies are still being defined. What roles will AR and VR will play in brand engagement and storytelling moving forward?

AI: How Computer Vision & Intelligent Voice Interaction is Innovating Storytelling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going beyond telling you the weather and turning on your lights – it’s now helping you navigate media and entertainment experiences. What is possible when media and entertainment companies begin to tap the power of voice-activated devices? How are consumers reacting to the new technologies, including Amazon Echo, Google Home and voice-based set-top boxes, consoles and smartphones? What does the future hold for this exciting area of innovation?

Games and Blockchain

This panel will discuss the latest developments at the intersection of blockchain and games and entertainment. What are the blockchain innovations most likely to disrupt the gaming and entertainment industries?

View From The Top: Monetizing the The Next Wave of Esports

Competitive gaming tournaments have been packing stadiums and drawing record viewers online for some time, and are increasingly becoming part of the network and cable television mix. What do the next few years look like for the growth of Esports programming in television broadcast? How are esports rights deals likely to evolve? What is the opportunity for shoulder and behind the scenes content? When will we see the first mainstream cross-over talent? What is the expected esports monetization mix in the years to come?