What’s Next for AR/VR/MR Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) Content?

What’s Next for AR/VR/MR Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) Content?

The roll-out of LBE centers in the U.S. and globally is creating a high demand for quality AR/VR/MR LBE content as well as new monetization opportunities for both established franchise and new original content. This panel will discuss the latest developments in LBE. How do you develop successful AR/VR/MR LBE content? What are the different considerations in working with licensed IP versus original IP?

Shiraz Akmal, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, SPACES
Aaron Pulkka, Head of Attractions , Two Bit Circus
Neville Spiteri, Co-founder / CEO, Wevr
Bruce Vaughn, CEO, Dreamscape Immersive
Moderator: Mary Ermitanio, Manager, Manatt Digital and Technology

Innovation in Mobile: What Developments Will Fuel Future Growth?

The mobile games market continues to grow at a record-breaking pace with revenue now equal to all global movie box office sales and accounting for half of the entire global digital games market. However, the market to attract and retain users is highly competitive. This panel will discuss what is required today to make a successful game for iOS, Android and emerging mobile platforms. How important is creativity and innovation? What developments are expected to fuel future growth in the market?

Travis Boatman, CEO, Carbonated
Samir El Agili, President, Tilting Point
Henry Lowenfels, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Scopely
Sabaa Rehmani, Co-Founder and President, Denali Publishing
Moderator: Eric Futoran, CEO, Embrace Mobile

The Next Wave in Experiential: Immersive Experiences for Games & Entertainment

This panel of leaders will discuss the hardware and software, including sensory interfaces, applications, and infrastructures, that are enabling immersive content creation for XR. How are these tools being used to generate new forms of experiential entertainment by bringing digital objects into the physical world and bringing physical world objects into the digital world? The panel will focus on what is available in the market today. What are the available apps, content, devices, and headsets?  What is the current state of consumer adoption?

Guy Costantini, Vice President of Global Interactive Marketing, Skydance Media
James Iliff, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Survios
Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location-Based Entertainment, HP
Nanea Reeves, Co-Founder & CEO, TRIPP
Moderator: Gabrielle Kessler, Vice President, Future Plc

View from the Top: The State of the Game Industry

Industry leaders discuss the current state of the game industry as the business continues its transition towards a digital future. What does it take to make a successful game these days across platforms? What emerging gaming platforms will be the most important in the years to come? How do you make money in this more and more complicated gaming universe with new digital platforms competing for the time and pocketbooks of consumers?

Chris Early, Vice President, Partnerships & Revenue, Ubisoft
Chris Enock, VP of Publishing, Riot Games
Ian Howe, CEO, Skybound Games
Aaron Loeb, President of Studios, FoxNext Games
Taewon Yun, General Manager, Global Publishing, Super Evil Megacorp
Moderator: Eric Goldberg, Managing Director, Crossover Technologies