DISTRIBUTION TRACK – Playing for Real: How eSports is Changing the Game

DISTRIBUTION TRACK – Playing for Real: How eSports is Changing the Game

One in ten Americans regular watches competitive video gaming. Last year, eSports attracted more viewers than the MLB World Series and the NBA Finals. In a saturated digital media market, a growing crowd of gamers has turned to eSports to share experiences that transcend the digital. Herein lies a new touchpoint to reconnect with the tech-savvy and affluent gamer audience. Providing a potent mix of real-life spectatorship and digital entertainment, today the worldwide phenomenon of competitive gaming today counts over 70 million spectators and presents a unique, new avenue in the entertainment market.

Donald Reilley, EVP, Global Ad Sales and Operations, Major League Gaming
Todd Peterson, Founder, AlphaDraft
Abe Gottesman, Senior Director of Sales & Business Development, Azubu
Jason Xu, CEO, Battlefy
Moderator: Joost van Dreunen, CEO & Co-Founder, SuperData Research

DISTRIBUTION TRACK – Myst to MP3s: Music in Games, the Next Generation

Whether synth, pop, or original scores, music has been a key component in setting a game’s ambiance from the golden age of arcades to consoles and apps.  What are the latest developments in music in gaming?  Learn about new platforms, licensing challenges and opportunities, and how music can bring powerful engagement to your game.

Les Borsai, Co-Founder, SongLily
Siegfried Paquet, Head of Business Affairs, Operations & Development, FreshPlanet
Jason Klarfeld, Creative Licensing, SONGS Music Publishing
Brandon Young, Director, Music Affairs, Activision Blizzard
Jackie Subeck, CEO & Founder, Footprint Worldwide
Moderator: Vickie Nauman, Principal and Founder, CrossBorderWorks Consulting and Advising

DISTRIBUTION TRACK – The Video Ecosystem for Games and Game-Related Content

This panel will discuss the video ecosystem for games and game-related content. What are the opportunities to connect with the gamer generation through video content?

Panelists Luis Medina, VP, Programming, Maker Studios
Matthew Patrick, Creator, The Game Theorists (4.1M YouTube Subs)/New Media Strategist, Theorist Inc.
Phil Ranta, COO, Collective Digital Studio
Matt Raub, Creative Director, Smosh Games & Exceutive Producer, Warp Zone, DEFY Media
Stan Kwon, VP of Strategy and Operations, CBS Interactive
Moderator: Jean Mathews, Founder, iMAGINATE

DISTRIBUTION TRACK – Future or Fad? The Great Debate on Virtual and Augmented Reality Gaming & Entertainment

Key players in the VR/AR space defend their business model in a presidential debate-style format hosted by one very lively and high-profile VR/AR skeptic. This is the question on everyone’s minds. Does the growing momentum around virtual reality mean that VR is here to stay? Will AR upset VR and become the preferred gaming platform of the future? Will a hybrid approach to VR and AR ultimately win the day?

Nathan Burba, Co-Founder & CEO, Survios
Peter Levin, President of Interactive Ventures & Games, Lionsgate
Pete Mauro, Producer, Global Innovation and App Development, Microsoft
Dan Murray, President, Skybound Interactive
Jinsoo An, Experience Designer, Deutsch LA
Moderator: Paresh Dave, Technology Reporter, LA Times