Jon Radoff

Jon Radoff

Jon Radoff is CEO and Founder of Disruptor Beam, a company focused on turning the world’s greatest entertainment brands into hugely successful games loved by highly connected customers. Radoff founded Disruptor Beam in 2011 and oversees company strategy and operations.

Disruptor Beam creates highly authentic and story-driven games based around worlds that have spawned communities of millions of passionate, dedicated fans. The company released its first game, Game of Thrones Ascent, in 2013, and Star Trek Timelines in January 2016. The Walking Dead: March to War is currently under development and scheduled to release this year.

Previously, Radoff launched GamerDNA, a social media company that built products driven by real-time gamer behavior. GamerDNA merged with Live Gamer in 2011. Prior to GamerDNA, Radoff founded Eprise, the creator of a content management system that was a forerunner of modern blog and wiki technology. At Eprise, Radoff raised venture capital, established product strategy and recruited a management team that succeeded in taking Eprise into Fortune 500 customers, culminating in a public offering on NASDAQ in 2000. Earlier on in his career, Radoff started NovaLink, an online game publisher that created Legends of Future Past, which became one of the first independent, commercial game products on the Internet.

Lars Buttler

Game Industry Entrepreneur Lars Buttler is Founder and CEO of Trion Worlds, the publisher and developer of games and original entertainment for the connected world. The company recently completed an $85 million round of strategic growth equity financing, adding to $100 million already raised. Trion’s first online game, RIFT™, launched worldwide on March 1, 2011, to critical and consumer acclaim and revenues have already surpassed $100 million with players activating over 1 million accounts. Trion’s mission is to revolutionize global entertainment by combining the best elements of online, gaming, and traditional media. Prior to founding Trion, Buttler was Vice President for Global Online at Electronic Arts, the world’s largest independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Buttler led EA’s strategy for online games and services and ran EA’s Online Studio

Chris DeWolfe

Internet entrepreneur Chris DeWolfe is best known as co-founder and former CEO of MySpace, the social network that redefined the concept of socializing around shared interests. Under DeWolfe’s leadership, MySpace grew exponentially: Launched in 2003, MySpace attracted an average of 300,000 new members each day, and when he left the company in 2009 it had more than 125 million monthly active users from 29 countries around the globe. In 2010, DeWolfe staked his claim in the rapidly growing social games market. With backing from Austin Ventures, DeWolfe purchased Mindjolt, a San Francisco-based social games platform. With more than 20 million active users, Mindjolt is among the fastest growing companies in the social gaming space, already profitable through a combination of advertising and virtual goods’ sales. In 2011, Mindjolt acquired SGN, a leading developer of social mobile games and Hallpass Media, a portfolio of popular free-to-play online game sites and in 2012 the entire company rebranded itself as SGN.

Barry Cottle

As the Chief Revenue Officer of Zynga, Barry Cottle is responsible for corporate and business development, distribution, strategic partnerships, advertising sales and operations, publishing and real money gaming.

Cottle will leverage his deep experience with new technology and entertainment to maximize Zynga’s position in the market. Cottle brings over twenty years of experience in technology, games and entertainment to his role at Zynga, building and leading business and corporate initiatives.

Prior to joining Zynga, Cottle was executive vice president of EA Interactive, where he oversaw EA’s worldwidedigital gaming group including mobile, social and casual online games. Prior to EA, Cottle held various executive roles, including: CEO of Quickoffice, and Chief Internet Officer and COO at Palm Computing, heading up the Wireless and Content division. He served as SVP of marketing at Disney Televentures and CMO of Americast for The Walt Disney Company.

Cottle graduated Summa Cum Laude from Missouri State University, where he earned a B.S. in Information Systems Management and mathematics. He received an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

David Perry

Visionary game designer, Founder of Shiny Entertainment and CEO of Gaikai, David Perry will do a 1-on-1 keynote interview with David Reitman, VP, Content & Entertainment, Switch and Data. Perry is a game industry veteran and the mind behind such famed video games as Earthworm Jim (in which a bionic suit-clad worm saves the galaxy), Messiah (in which a rogue cherub hijacks creatures’ bodies to defeat sin), and best-selling game adaptations of movies like Disney’s Aladdin, Terminator and The Matrix. Gaikai is a hot company in the cloud-based gaming space backed by investments from Benchmark Capital. Its service, which is currently in beta, will allow gamers to try all kinds of games and software over a broadband connection without the need to have the latest hardware or even the game itself.

Ben Feder

Ben Feder, a partner of ZelnickMedia since 2001, became Chief Executive Officer and Director of Take-Two in March 2007. Mr. Feder oversees ZelnickMedia’s interest in Columbia Music Entertainment (CME) of Japan. He serves on the board of CME, traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Prior to co-founding ZelnickMedia, Mr. Feder was Chief Executive Officer of MessageClick, Inc., a leading provider of voice messaging technology for next generation telephone networks.

Prior to founding orp., where his most recent position was Executive Vice President, News MCI Internet Ventures. In this role, he oversaw worldwide corporate development, marketing, operations, content and advertising activities for News Corp.’s Internet services and led the company’s negotiations for the formation of News MCI Internet Ventures, a News Corp. joint venture with MCI. Previously, Mr. Feder managed corporate development for Fox, the unit of News Corp. that develops and produces feature films and programming for television and cable television. At Fox, he was responsible for structuring and negotiating film financing, acquiring television assets, including Star TV in Asia, and distribution for cable networks, including Fox’s FX channel. Mr. Feder holds an MBA from Harvard University and a BA from Columbia University.