Featured Presentation with FTI Consulting

Featured Presentation with FTI Consulting

Big Ideas to Capture Value in eSports

eSports have displayed tremendous growth, and despite some event cancellations due to COVID-19, the sector has been a net beneficiary of the crisis. However, the majority of the value continues to be captured by publishers via in-game monetization. What is the range of “big ideas” that could enable non-publishers to succeed, and support the emergence of a unique platform which could make itself indispensable to the esports ecosystem?

Featuring Francesco Di Ianni, Managing Director, FTI Consulting

The Growth of Mobile Games: What’s Next in Creativity & Innovation?

Every sign is that the mobile games market has continued to grow during the pandemic. Nearly every metric is up — in-app purchases, engagement, conversion rates and ad demand – and it’s translating into revenue. However, creativity and innovation is needed for growth to sustain for the long-term. This panel of industry leaders will discuss where the next wave of creativity and innovation will come from and how they see the industry evolving during the pandemic and beyond.

Lisa Anderson, SVP, Studio Operations, Jam City
Andrew Paradise, CEO, Skillz
Chris Petrovic, SVP and Head of Corporate Strategy, M&A & Business Development, Zynga
Soojeong Song, Strategic Partner Manager, Google
Mark Van Ryswyk, Executive Vice President, Glu Mobile
Moderator: Chris Younger, President, Ayzenberg Group

The Next Wave for Esports: Rethinking the Business & Plans for the Future

With the uncertainty of when it will be safe again for large in-person gatherings, the esports industry is having to rethink the business. What are the near-term plans and how are those plans likely to shape business planning in the long-term? Are there silver-linings emerging under the current circumstances? Is this the tipping point that many have been waiting for in terms of the role of live streaming as a mass entertainment medium? How are brands, teams, leagues, publishers and streamers adjusting to the current climate and planning for 1-2 years out? What is the expected esports monetization mix in the years to come?

Carlos Alimurung, CEO, ONE Esports
Olivia Friedlander, VP of Operations, Maestro
Ann Hand, Chairman & CEO, Super League Gaming
Dave Madden, SVP, Global Brand Partnerships, Electronic Arts
John Robinson, President & COO, 100 Thieves
Scott Rupp, Founding General Partner, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures
Moderator: Mike Vorhaus, CEO, Vorhaus Advisors

Featured Presentation with App Annie

Mobile Gaming’s Rapid Rise to Become the World’s Most Popular Form of Gaming

Mobile gaming is growing at a remarkable pace — set to reach 60% market share in gaming consumer spend in 2020. Fueled by unprecedented smartphone technology and capabilities, where does the industry go from here? This session will give you insight into what’s driving the growth, monetization strategies to consider, the impact of COVID-19 on mobile gaming, and other topics to help you win on mobile in 2020.

Featuring Amir Ghodrati, Director, Market Insights at App Annie