The Legal Implications of Generative AI in Gaming

The Legal Implications of Generative AI in Gaming

This panel will discuss legal issues that arise from the use of generative AI in gaming,
including the following: How does generative AI in games impact intellectual property? What
are the key issues when developers are using generative AI tools? What issues need to be
considered when generative AI allows for the creation of content in-game in real-time? What
role does platform law play in AI-generated content in games? How does contract drafting
need to evolve to take into consideration the use of generative AI, including in agreements
with developers, AI tool providers, players, and asset providers? What effect will regulation
have on generative AI in games? How should investors evaluate generative AI opportunities
in light of the uncertainty around legal and regulatory issues?



James Freedman, Lead Counsel, Google AI for Developers, Google

Sarah Guerrero, Privacy Counsel, Games, NetEase Games

Sam Lam, Senior Legal Counsel, Skybound

Dan Nabel, Senior Director, Associate General Counsel, Riot Games


Nathaniel Bach, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP