Financing Alternatives in Today’s Games Market

Financing Alternatives in Today’s Games Market

This panel will discuss financing alternatives for games companies, including loans from banks and private lenders, crowdfunding, angel financing and venture capital, and the relative availability and timing for each in today’s market. What are the pros and cons of each? When is a loan a better option than selling company equity and vice versa? What are the relative use cases for the Reg A+ and Reg CF exemptions, which allow issuers to sell shares to the general public? What are the limitations and filing requirements? How can games companies access government grants and subsidies available in certain jurisdictions? What else can developers do in terms of funding projects outside of equity raises? Is publishing a good alternative and when is appropriate or not? What are key considerations when signing up a publisher? When can it work well, and when can problems arise? What companies are offering development funding and at what stages? This panel will break down the alternatives and provide guidance on how to evaluate each.


Derek Douglas, Head of Video Games Group, CAA

Laura Harrison, Vice President and Investment Banker, Entertainment and Industries Group, J.P. Morgan

David Higley, Partner, Perella Weinberg

Alexandra Takei, Business Director, Ruckus Games Host, Naavik Gaming Podcast